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We work with care and diligence to bring fast, fair outcomes to our family law clients.

Very Law attorneys understand that legal issues within a family can often be incredibly difficult. Our experience with Pennsylvania divorce, child support, custody and other family law issues can go a long way toward finding the right path forward and ultimately bringing a workable solution in this time of uncertainty and transition.

We will advocate tirelessly and aggressively, if necessary, but with the best interests of your family and your future always at the forefront.

  • PFA (Protection from Abuse)
  • Termination of parental rights

When it comes to bringing the legal system into family matters, the decisions you have to make can be some of the hardest to figure out. You may be dealing with a person or people that will remain in your life in some way or another, and this is especially common when kids are involved. This aspect can make these family matter decisions more difficult than when bringing the law into a matter between yourself and a stranger. Let our Pittsburgh family lawyers help you through your divorce case, custody case, or other family law matters.

Please contact the Pittsburgh family law attorney, Very Law today and let us help you through this uncertain time. We are a family law firm that genuinely cares about its clients and the needs of their family.


Family law is a legal practice area that is focused on issues dealing with domestic partners, children, and other familial relationships. It pertains to a wide range of issues that are outlined in the sections below.

The primary goal of our lawyers practicing family law is to work towards a resolution that considers the best possible outcome for our client. This is especially true when children are involved in the matter. Very Law and all of our experienced attorneys are acutely aware that this may be one of the most vulnerable, emotional, and stressful moments in your life. These proceedings often involve deeply personal and intimate aspects of your and your family's lives. We will be aggressive advocates for you, but we will not lose sight of the best interests of your family and future.



Divorce is very common. The Pennsylvania Department of Health shows that the divorce rate in Pennsylvania is close to 50%. Our experienced family law attorneys understand this commonality does not take away its effect on your life and your family. The divorce process is complex and emotional and our lawyers play a critical role in guiding our clients through this difficult time while advocating for your rights.


Often even harder to deal with than a divorce, will be the custody matters involved in such a legal process. Custody cases involve the legal responsibility of caring for a child. It will address a parent's rights and obligations pertaining to the well-being of the child(ren) in question, the ability to make decisions for them, and their living arrangements. Custody can be decided in a number of ways: shared, sole, or joint custody. The decision is to be based on whatever the court deems to be in the child's best interests.

Child Support

Custody and child support are often two sides to the same coin, as whoever has legal custody often receives child support from the non-custodial parent. This child support is to assist in all the needs of children and is based on various factors. Factors of child support include parents' income, the child custody arrangement, and specifically what the child or children need.

PFA (Protection from Abuse)

Every family lawyer from Very Law understands that divorce is sometimes imminent due to domestic abuse. Commonly known as a restraining order, a Protection from Abuse (PFA) order is a legal action taken to protect someone from abusive, threatening, or dangerous behavior precipitated by domestic partners or other family members. The implementation of a PFA may restrict contact of your abuser with their victim(s) and help stop further harm.

Dependency and CYS/CYF

The term “dependent” is much different when dealing with family law issues, rather than the IRS. When a child is deemed to be neglected, or dependent, this means there will need to be an intervention of child protective services. Pennsylvania law attempts to help children at risk of parental neglect or abuse.

The legal rights of parents can change swiftly when a child is deemed dependent. There are agencies created to assist the children in such family law matters. Two of those agencies are the Child and Youth Services (CYS) and Child, Youth, and Family Services (CYF). They may become involved in an effort to ensure the safety of any children involved and assist in finding alternative living arrangements.

Termination of Parental Rights

Pittsburgh family lawyers at Very Law recognize the traumatizing effect the legal process of maternal rights termination can cause. If you feel this is in error, a Pennsylvania Very Law family attorney can review the legal documents related to your case. This process is usually only undertaken when a parent has been deemed unfit or unable to care for the child(ren). This is often only pursued when the legal system determines that foster care or an adoptive parent would be in the child's best interests.


There is no set time. When meeting with a Very Law lawyer, we can help provide an approximate time frame after reviewing the specific details of your case. Even then, there are many factors that will play into the duration of your family court case.

If your case is simple, with no child custody or marital property division concerns, your lawyer may have your case wrapped up quickly. However, when a divorce is filled with contention over property division, child custody, child support, and any number of legal issues, you can expect your case to take much longer.


How can a family law attorney help me with my case?

A Very Law lawyer will be with you for every step of your family law case. We provide expert legal advice, guide our clients through the legal proceedings, negotiate settlements on behalf of our clients, protect your interests and rights, and effectively handle your case from hire to closing with experienced representation.

What options are available for resolving divorce cases in Pennsylvania?

Traditional Negotiation

This approach involves the two parties, or their appointed attorneys, directly negotiating with each other in an attempt to reach an agreement.


This approach involves a neutral third party whose goal is to assist in the conclusion of a voluntary agreement. A mediator does not provide legal advice and does not have any decision-making ability.

Collaborative Law

Both parties and their respective legal team work together towards a mutually beneficial resolution. This option is often used to stay out of court proceedings. The focus is addressing the interests and concerns of all parties and working towards a resolution fitting for everyone involved.

It is important to note, if the collaborative process fails, most collaborative agreements direct your current attorneys to withdraw from the case if it continues onto litigation.


Usually not the first option, but is the only option available when all other approaches fail. Litigation involves presenting evidence, making legal arguments, and adhering to the rules of court procedures. A judge will make the final ruling on your divorce complaint case, which may not actually align with either party's hopeful outcome.

If you find yourself facing litigation and have yet to reach out to a Family lawyer, please contact Very Law, law firm to advocate for you in such an approach.

I'm a grandparent, can I seek visitation rights in Pennsylvania?

Yes, although this is dependent on some other factors. A grandparent must prove that it is in the child's best interest to do so. In Pennsylvania family law, for a grandparent to seek visitation rights, the parents must be divorced, separated for a period longer than six months, or when one (or both) parent has passed away.


Why are the lawyers at Very Law the right lawyers for your family law cases? Our legal services are one of the best, but that isn't what sets us apart. Our greatest skill is in how we treat our clients. We genuinely care about our clients and listen to them. Very Law understands that you are coming to us in a time of need and we're here to help you navigate through it, but other law firms don't work this way.

We help our clients through our tenacity, our advocacy, and our dedication. This dedication is evident in our court cases, but our clients notice this dedication through the small things that help in such a transitional and trying time. Something as simple as one of our reminders for a court date during this tumultuous time can be the little detail that determines whether a judge sees an on-time parent ready to take physical custody of their child or a parent who seems to defy court and their responsibilities.

With Very Law by your side, we make sure no one believes you to be the latter. We will fight for you and make every effort to make your experience with us as positive as can be. We remain available for our clients and hope you feel valued when stopping by our office.

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