Very Law is an energetic community of entrepreneurs focused on achieving excellence and making the world a better place.

Our employees come from diverse educational disciplines, professional backgrounds, and workplace experiences. Our highly-collaborative practice provides a professionally-fulfilling career for lawyers and non-lawyers alike. We invest in our employees through professional development and education.

To encourage an engaging work environment, we developed a set of core values that guide how we strive to conduct business with our clients, our team, and the greater community:

Do good. (Be a good person and make a positive impact in this world)

Achieve your best. (Be the best professional you can be in every interaction and every work product)

Build trust. (Be genuine, honest, reliable, and support one another)

Communicate honestly. (Be truthful and transparent, honor your word)

Lead compassionately. (Be a respectful advocate for others)

While we don't hire often, we are always looking for talented team members. If you would like to begin the conversation, email