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Juvenile Crime Lawyer in Pittsburgh

Every teenager makes mistakes. Wrong influences from peers, socioeconomic factors, and teenage age push many children toward crime.

The law aims to rehabilitate young offenders and provide the necessary support they need for their reformation rather than punishing them. However, sometimes, implementation of the law can be flawed, leading them to face harsh consequences. As a result, it can hurt their future in every aspect;

  • Getting a job
  • Going to college
  • Having a stable life

Is your child or loved one facing criminal charges in Pittsburgh? We understand the challenges you're facing, and we're here to help. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us for support. Our juvenile crime lawyer in Pittsburgh can help your child by:

  • Dismissing criminal charges that could haunt them for the rest of their lives
  • Putting them on the right track

Why Choose Very Law for Your Juvenile Crime Case in Pittsburgh?

Unlike the adult criminal system, the juvenile justice system works differently.

It focuses on the rehabilitation and reformation of your child, giving them a chance to turn their life around. Therefore, you need an experienced juvenile crime lawyer to handle your juvenile delinquency charges. They understand the complexities of the juvenile justice system. They can assist a judge in reaching a decision that serves your child's best interests.

As our dedicated juvenile defense attorneys have handled hundreds of juvenile cases in Pittsburgh, they understand:

  • What decision would serve the best interest of your child
  • Pittsburgh's juvenile courts' procedure and local laws

Schedule a free consultation and discuss your child's case with Very Law's compassionate juvenile crime lawyers. They can prevent your child from being convicted or at least work for lesser chargers, as well as guide them towards the better future they deserve.

Read how our clients feel after working with us and Very Law's success stories:

"I was paired with Attorney Nick DiNardo after utilizing the Allegheny Co Bar Association's attorney referral program. I could not have been luckier that Attorney DiNardo was assigned to me. He was well prepared for our meeting, handled the situation with empathy and understanding, communicated effectively, and treated me as if our meeting was the most important thing on his calendar this week. He was also very relatable and trustworthy. We couldn't be happier with the work and wisdom he provided to our family. Thank you Very Law and Attorney DiNardo!" - Mike Medved

Understanding the Pittsburgh Juvenile Justice System

The juvenile justice system applies to a minor child. If your child or teen is below the age of 18, they will most likely be prosecuted under the juvenile justice system. In extreme circumstances, the law will treat them as adults and try them under the adult criminal justice system.

Arrest or Intake

When your child allegedly commits a crime, the law officer arrests them and takes them into custody. After the arrest, they notify you as parents about the situation. The prosecutor officer then reviews the case and determines whether your child should remain in custody. If not, they release your child.

However, if they decide to keep your child in custody, they will file charges against them and detain them at:

  • Regional youth detention facility
  • Community shelters
  • Foster homes

Earlier, in Pittsburgh, they likely held your child at Shuman Juvenile Detention Center. As it's closed now, they send your child to the other county's juvenile detention facility.

Probable Cause Hearing

A probable cause hearing must happen within a maximum of 72 hours from your child's arrest. In this hearing, the law officer produces your child before a judge and presents evidence. The judge reviews the evidence and determines whether the child should remain in custody for longer or be released.

Informal Adjustment

If it's the first time your child is facing charges, the judge has the option to rule on the case with an informal adjustment. In other words, it's an informal way to resolve cases.

Informal adjustment occurs when the child pleads guilty, and their parents agree to abide by the judge's decision. The judge directs an order that serves the best interest of a child.

Adjudicatory Hearing

If informal adjustment is not an option, the judge proceeds with the adjudicatory hearing. In this hearing, the judge decides whether your child is delinquent, meaning guilty. If they find your child innocent, they will release your child.

Disposition Hearing

Disposition hearing happens if they find your child guilty in the adjudicatory hearing.

In a disposition hearing, the judge decides the treatment plan or rehabilitation your child has to undergo.

Sometimes, the judge transfers the case to the adult criminal justice system. Some crimes are so severe that it doesn't matter whether a child is a juvenile. The law treats them as adults, and they must go through the adult court system.

Crimes Where Juveniles Tried as Adults

Some of these crimes are:

  • If a juvenile allegedly commits murder, the law will try them as an adult.
  • In case a child is more than 15 years old and uses deadly weapons to commit a crime, the law will try them in adult court.
  • A judge will also transfer the case to adult court if a delinquent child is above 15 years old and allegedly commits heinous crimes again. The judge takes the previous criminal record seriously as it shows a pattern of behavior and the possibility of reformation.

Very Law: Advocating for Juvenile Rights in Pittsburgh

The juvenile court system is complex and operates differently than the adult system. As your child's future is at stake, it's necessary you pursue your case with an expert who understands the intricacies of juvenile law and can provide the best defense for your child to protect their future.

At Very Law, our team of experienced juvenile crime lawyers has handled almost all types of juvenile crimes in Pittsburgh:

  • Murder charges
  • Drug charges
  • Robbery and burglary charges
  • Assault and battery charges

  • We understand the intricacies of the juvenile justice system and can help your child have a better future. Call us at 412-516-3276 to schedule a consultation and discuss your child's situation. We can help prevent their conviction, ensuring a brighter future. Don't wait any longer; let's fight for your child's rights and a better life. For assistance with criminal defense matters involving adults, visit our criminal defense lawyer page.
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