Preparing for the future: How a lawyer can help you plan your estate

A lawyer can help keep as much of their client’s property as possible out of probate court. They can recommend methods, like giving beneficiaries assets as gifts or storing the said assets in a living trust, to make this happen.

An estate is an umbrella term that encompasses everything a person owns. This may include their home, vehicle, money, investments, and many other personal possessions.

One thing that many people worry about is what will happen to their money and property when they pass away. Naturally, they’ll want to find a way to distribute their estate among the people closest to them, and this can be done with an estate plan.

As the name suggests, an estate plan is a comprehensive plan that dictates who will receive the deceased’s assets as well as what they’ll receive and when it will be distributed. Essentially, this plan ensures that a person's wishes are met after they pass away.

However, planning an estate can be difficult to do effectively without proper knowledge of how estate planning works and the current estate laws in the state of Pennsylvania. This is where the help of a lawyer is needed.

Here’s a deeper look into how a lawyer can help someone plan their estate.

They can help create a will and identify beneficiaries

While templates for wills are readily available online, they may not always fit a person’s needs. A standard template won’t always be able to fit every aspect of a person's estate.

A person could try making a handwritten will instead, but there may be specific rules they need to abide by in order for the will to be valid. If they fail to abide by these rules or even make grammatical or spelling errors, it could lead to probate litigation.

Working with an estate planning lawyer can make this process much easier. They’ll make sure that the will meets all the legal requirements of the state and they will help their client identify their beneficiaries and give advice on how to allocate the estate among them.

Also, after the client passes away, the lawyer may be chosen to act as the executor to ensure that the assets are transferred to the beneficiaries the client chose. This can help eliminate any conflicts between heirs.

They can help navigate probate court

Probate court settles any property or debt-related issues of a deceased person. In Pennsylvania, the probate process is necessary, whether or not the deceased left behind a will.

However, probate can be a very time-consuming and costly process, and it could also make matters of a person’s estate public.

A lawyer can help keep as much of their client’s property as possible out of probate court. They can recommend methods, like giving beneficiaries assets as gifts or storing the said assets in a living trust, to make this happen.

Also, a lawyer can help make the probate process smoother and much faster for the surviving family members.

They have up-to-date knowledge of federal laws pertaining to estate planning

Probate laws change all the time and not everyone may be aware of this when they’re planning their estate. 

However, lawyers are always up-to-date on all the recent changes in Pennsylvania federal laws and will make the necessary changes to the estate plan to keep it in line with these changes. 

Also, they can help their clients understand how these changes may affect their estate plans. This may help them effectively decide how to split their assets.

They can help protect the client’s family and legacy

A good estate plan will include many elements, such as the person’s will, a list of eligible beneficiaries, life insurance, and power of attorney. This plan will ensure that everything is laid out so that family members will not have to navigate through many legal obstacles.

The lawyer will make sure that their client’s legacy will be carried out even years after their passing by creating the necessary documents to ensure that everything, from their client's final wishes to funeral requirements is met just as the client intended.

Make estate planning easier with a lawyer today

Planning out your estate can be quite stressful, especially since there are many things that you need to look into, like the allocation of assets. But you don’t have to go into this alone.

Very Law has a team of experienced lawyers who can make the estate planning process easier for both you and your family. With our help, you can ensure that your family and your legacy will be protected for many years to come.

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