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Judgment from 15 years ago: Very Law helped a client get their money back after a debt collector revived an old judgment from nearly two decades ago.

Recently Very Law helped a client get their money back from a debt collector. This particular case revolved around a judgment made 15 years ago that was revived by the debt collector, and the collector took the money owed by the client without informing them beforehand.

The judgment was a personal one taken by the debt collector. However, as per Pennsylvania law, any personal judgments that aim to take a debtor’s personal property are only valid for 5 years, after which the collector would have had to file for the revival of the judgment.

The client approached Very Law after discovering that their bank accounts had been frozen. The debt collector in question had taken the money owed to them, along with interest, without filing for a revival of the original judgment or giving our client notice.

After analyzing the case, Very Law associate, Anthony J. Werner and his team took up the case and represented the client in court. Recently, federal laws during the COVID-19 pandemic prevented debt collecting. After these restrictions were lifted, however, there was an influx of debt collection judgments because of the large amount of them that sat dormant during the pandemic.

This rise in debt collection judgments could have been what encouraged the debt collector involved in this case to revive an old case. This case was expected to be considerably challenging as debt collectors are hesitant to file against parties unless they are sure that they owe money. 

Despite this, Anthony Werner and his team made a strong case for the client and in an unexpected turn of events, the judge ruled against the debt collector, stating that what they did was procedurally wrong and that they need to return the money.

This ruling was unexpected, however, the motion filed by Anthony and his team was a motion Very Law had never seen before; they meticulously created it to get the best possible outcome for the client. The client is now in the process of getting their money back and Very Law had secured a victory that was against the odds.

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