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4 reasons you should hire an attorney for a civil dispute

This paves the way for the opposing party to disprove your stance with much less convincing evidence, which is even more likely if they have an attorney on their side.

A civil dispute arises when a business or individual claims to have been harmed due to the actions of another business or individual and files a complaint seeking the help of the court in obtaining relief.

From defamation, privacy torts, and local tax collection defense to contract legal disputes, landlord/tenant disputes, medical malpractice litigation, and much more, civil disputes cover many areas.

To resolve such civil disputes, the court will assess both sides of the case, apply the relevant law to the facts of the case, and arrive at a decision detailing the legal consequences of the parties’ actions.

If you find yourself in the middle of a civil dispute, it’s always a good idea to have a professional, namely a lawyer, on your side. Here are four major benefits of hiring a lawyer for a civil dispute.

1. An attorney can help you understand legal jargon

A civil dispute comes with several civil procedure rules which are tedious to handle alone, not only because of the number of rules but also due to the legal jargon used. For a person with no knowledge or experience in law, legal jargon can be confusing.

An attorney can explain the technicalities of your specific case and which civil procedure rules are applicable to you while familiarizing you with the legal jargon. 

This will iron out any misunderstandings that may have occurred during the legal process.

2. An attorney can help you overcome many hurdles

Before the case even reaches the stage of going to court, there are preliminary processes, formalities, and paperwork that should be completed. 

An attorney can navigate you through the legal processes and any payments that need to be made, and ensure all the necessary documents are in order to help build your case. 

All things regarding your case will be handled in a timely manner so you won’t be left to your own devices with a number of requirements to fulfill without any legal background.

3. An attorney can help you save money

While you may think that hiring a civil litigation attorney is costly, it may surprise you to know that it could actually save you money.

Civil dispute cases entail certain legal and financial costs which you’ll risk losing if you don’t completely understand the law and legal processes involved. So not hiring an attorney may even end up costing you more. 

By hiring an attorney, you may be advised to claim your legal fees as part of a settlement, which—in certain cases—would actually result in you not needing to pay for legal fees yourself. 

Also, civil dispute cases can drag on for months if a proper settlement isn’t reached. With a lawyer’s help, you may be able to wrap up the case faster and save valuable time.

4. An attorney can help you have a higher chance of winning your case

While it’s possible to represent yourself during a civil dispute, the burden of proof—that is, the obligation to assert your stance through evidence—in civil litigation cases is much lower when compared with criminal law cases.

This paves the way for the opposing party to disprove your stance with much less convincing evidence, which is even more likely if they have an attorney on their side.

An experienced attorney will have handled many civil dispute cases such as yours and are far more qualified to tackle the legal proceedings accordingly.

Hiring an attorney for a civil dispute can help you achieve your ideal outcome 

Having all the aspects of a civil dispute handled by a professional attorney can keep you at ease; you’ll know that everything is being taken care of by an experienced professional.

Hiring an attorney well-versed in civil litigation will always be an advantage to you so you can navigate through the timeline of a civil dispute process with ease. 

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