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3 reasons you should hire a lawyer when buying or selling a property in Pittsburgh

Choosing experienced property lawyers in Pittsburgh would give you peace of mind that they have handled cases such as yours and can therefore guide you diligently through the process.

Buying or selling a property can be a difficult decision to navigate. Whether it’s selling a property that holds sentimental value or whether you’re buying your first-ever property, it can be daunting to figure out the legal processes involved on your own.

Also, no matter the type of property—whether a residence, commercial property, or any other establishment—it can be helpful to have some legal assistance to make sure you aren’t left to handle things on your own.

Fortunately, hiring a lawyer can help you make this process much easier. Here are three reasons why you should hire a lawyer when you’re buying or selling property.

1. A lawyer can simplify the documentation process

Making sense of all the documents involved in agreements, such as purchase agreements, can be overwhelming, especially if you’re someone with no legal background or knowledge of property laws.

A lawyer can take over the contractual process and let you know exactly which documents need to be signed and what each form entails. This will leave you ample time to make any other arrangements you may have along with this major transaction.

Also, they’ll make sure that the content of the documents is correct, preventing any misinterpretations. 

2. A lawyer can ensure a title search is carried out

A title search must be carried out before the purchase or sale of a property. A title search is when public records are examined to confirm the legal ownership of a property.

A lawyer can help you with this by going through court judgments, deeds, land records, and any other relevant documents to make sure there are no defects and that all checks and balances are in place.

On average a title search takes 10-14 days but this may vary when it comes to older properties—a clean title is a necessity for the property transaction to be complete.

3. A lawyer can help ease the stress of buying/selling a property

If it’s a residential property, there comes the stress of moving in or moving out, and with a commercial property, if it’s a new office or even an investment there are certain stress-inducing logistics involved.

Having to pack up shop and organize all the aspects of moving can be worrying, especially when you have the paperwork and procedure to think about too. A lawyer can help here by undertaking the bulk of the procedure that comes with a property purchase or sale.

What should you know about property buying or selling in Pittsburgh?

Dye testing

A property seller must ensure their property in Pittsburgh complies with the Dye Testing Ordinance before it’s sold. 

Dye testing is the process of verifying whether driveway drains, gutters, yard drains, or other stormwater collection devices are connected to a sanitary sewer meant to carry only raw sewage; if this isn’t carried out, the connection must be fixed before the property is sold.

Closing costs 

There are many closing costs associated with the purchase of a property in Pittsburgh, although this applies to any state—many of which aren’t typically spoken about, such as appraisal fees, escrow fees, and credit report fees. 

A lawyer, however, will be able to break it down for you depending on your requirements for a property.

Documents and disclosures

The law of Pennsylvania which governs the city of Pittsburgh requires a property seller to complete a property disclosure statement, in which all information regarding the property must be mentioned, including defects—so that the property can be valued correctly.

Hire a lawyer when buying or selling property in Pittsburgh

Choosing experienced property lawyers in Pittsburgh would give you peace of mind that they have handled cases such as yours and can therefore guide you diligently through the process.

With plenty of experience in the real estate field, Very Law’s team of strong litigators can help you with any property purchase or sale matter. Schedule a consultation with Very Law for assistance with buying or selling property in Pittsburgh.

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